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1) I can’t get the camera to track a subject for longer than a second or two (If it does at all) Then goes to it’s last preset.
Tracking size and MIn/Max size not set right and time to track not set right including Target Filter

2) The camera overshoots subjects beyond being in frame and can’t recover.
Tracking size and MIn/Max size not set right Including Target Filter

3) Under “Deep IVS” I can’t change the “Track TIme” setting away from 15 seconds.
You tried it in IE ? in the camera’s Web GUI

4) I’m not able to change tour presets duration away from 15 seconds.
15 seconds is the Min and must also be set if any more is needed in IE

5) I’m not able to add a “Video Metadata” Rule because it says “Please add a smart plan first” Even though I have one.
Correct Uncheck smart plan and tick metadata

6) I haven’t been able to get Face Detection working. (Maybe I need to install an SD Card for these last two features?)
Maybe the camera does not have Face detection?

​This is now at the top of the Smart Plan menu and as its name suggests allows you to choose an IVS rule that is enabled globally (not to be confused with previous Global calibration menu) regardless of other rule type you choose for a preset. This is a fantastic addition as it means you can now have Face Detection or Video Metadata rules applied at the Global level while lets say in Preset 1 you are running Deep IVS. I’ve tested this out and it works as designed so regardless of each of your presets being set for different rules, you can now have an overarching Face Detection or Video Metadata applied. You no longer have to disable Deep IVS to use Video Metadata they can co-exist. This up’s the value of IVS rules to a new level IMO as now there isn’t a trade off that has to be made for some installs / projects etc.​​​

Tour Plan

This introduces a new way to setup PTZ tours and their schedules. Works well and I like the new UI element for this where you can clearly see your preset names (an issue before) adjust the schedule and then very simply (with 1 click) adjust the priority order of presets in the tour. You are also able to set time in which the tour will sit at a preset and idle time for the tour too. Now with that said, an IMPORTANT NOTE: the old Tour menu (Under PTZ, Function, Tour) still exists and that does not see the new Tour Plan in other words it is possible to setup in 2 places (but I strongly advise against that). Similarly Idle Time & Time Task options do NOT see the new Tour Plan. Therefore you are either all in with the new Tour Plan or use existing, personally I like the new Tour Plan​​