How to deal with the error “the network is unreachable” when connecting IPC to NVR?

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please confirm the IP addresses of the HIKVISION’s NVR and the camera. The first three bits of IP address should be the same while the last bit not (that is, in the same network segment).

To view the IP address of the recorder: Go to Main Menu >Configuration > >Network> General and view the “IPv4” item of NVR;

To view the IP address of the IPC: Go to Main Menu >Camera> view the “IP Channel Address”;

If there is still the error “the network is unreachable” in the same network segment:

Please test if the power supply of the camera is normal. (Make sure that the machine works properly) Cameras that support infrared can be tested by covering the lens to see whether the infrared can light up.

If there is no problem with power supply, please connect the camera and the network port of recorder with short-distance network cable and then test. If there is still no problem, the problem should be among network segment or network ports of switches.