ACTIVEX Control is not registered

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Control cannot be installed successfully. When we access the device via PC, firstly device control should be download from device to PC, otherwise the username and password can‘t be input correctly. Take IE browser as example, click ‘Tools’ –‘internet options’-‘security’ and enable the six related ActiveX safety setting, and the setting can be restored after the visit is successful.

If the IP of DVR/DVS is static, fill the address bar with IP and the http port of DVR/DVS. For example, if IP is and http port number is 81, fill into the address bar with http: // If the IP of DVR/DVS is dynamic, fill the address bar with domain name and the http port of DVR/DVS, such as In the login page, fill the username and password of DVR/DVS.

IE11 is not available for visiting the device and IE8 or IE9 is recommend. Early product such as 6500hc series can only be visited by IE.